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Patrick Murray

Patrick has been at the forefront of the plumbing and backflow industry for over 30 years.  His tenacity and passion led him to open up Backflow Inspection Repair & Plumbing in 1996, and has since then grown his company to have over 12,000 commercial and residential accounts.

Aside from his experience, he has also been instrumental in standardizing backflow installation, testing and repair as part of the Safe Water Act.  Additionally, he was the acting President of the American Society of Sanitary Engineers, South Florida Chapter ASSE for three terms, and was on the Cross-Connection Board for the ASSE.Patrick now dedicates most of his time passing on his knowledge to young plumbers through his state certified backflow training school which he appropriately named, “Murray Training School”.

Murray Training School has trained technicians from all over the   country, and continues to be a leading course to  certify,   recertify and train technicians to test, repair, and install backflow  preventers.

Interested in taking classes at Murray Training School? Follow the link below or call 954-427-4201.



Backflow Inspection Repair & Plumbing is a proud partner of the United Craftsmen Children’s Shoe Drive. This organization’s mission is to let children that live in children’s homes know that the Skilled Craftsmen of the United States care about them. They give children the opportunity to pick out a new pair of shoes, a six pack of socks and enjoy a lunch at Christmas time. If you would like to give back in the same way and be able to say, “I helped put shoes on those babies’ feet”, please click on the photo link to the left of this and you will be rerouted their home page.

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